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Whiskey maker ready for move

Whiskey maker ready for move

 WhistlePig Rye Whiskey will store product in Moriah Business Park

by Lohr McKinstry

January 19, 2017



These stainless steel storage tanks are for WhistlePig Rye Whiskey, a new tenant in the Moriah Business Park.

Photo by Lohr McKinstry

MINEVILLE – A Vermont whiskey maker is getting ready to move some of its operations into the Moriah Business Park.

WhistlePig Rye Whiskey of Shoreham, Vt. plans a storage and aging facility at the park for both barrels and tanks.

The company will receive Adirondack Park Agency approval as soon as a stormwater drainage plan is submitted, agency commissioners were told at a Jan. 13 meeting.

APA Deputy Director of Regulatory Programs Rick Weber said the WhistlePig project is consistent with plans for the Business Park, pre-approved as an industrial site in 2005.

“We see that it is consistent  with the original plans and there are no significant environmental review concerns,” Weber said.

Moriah Town Supervisor Thomas Scozzafava said WhistlePig is anxious to start construction.

“WhistlePig moved some tanks and equipment in,” Scozzafava said at a recent Moriah Town Council meeting. “That project is moving along.”

He said the facility will create 10 to 15 new jobs in the town.

He said they will own the property and pay full taxes, with no exemption plan or payment in lieu of taxes. The Essex County Industrial Development Agency, which owns the Business Park, is selling the lots to WhistlePig.

“They (WhistlePig) haven’t asked for any incentives,” Scozzafava said.

Essex County Industrial Development Agency Co-Director Jody Olcott told the Moriah Chamber of Commerce WhistlePig will construct warehouse buildings starting this winter.

She said WhistlePig is limited to storage of 5,900 barrels in Vermont by state regulation.

“They have been storing barrels all over,” she said. “They’re putting seven 14,000-square-foot warehouses in the Business Park; construction will begin immediately on the first two.”.

Two or three more buildings will be put up in the spring, she said.

The firm says bottling and distilling in the Business Park is possible by 2019, she said.

Scozzafava said space behind another park tenant, High Peaks Hospice, has already been cleared, and three stainless steel storage tanks have been delivered.



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