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Fast-food executive Andrew Puzder who elected President Donald trump is expected to use Labour minister,Christian Louboutin shoes Cheap advocating replacing human workers with machines as a way of enterprises to reduce costs and rising wages and health care costs.

When a machine needs regular maintenance and failure, sometimes Puzder said, they are easier to manage than human beings, not to have the same legal risks. "They are always friendly, they always up promotion, they never leave, they never be late, never slip, or an age, gender, or under the condition of racial discrimination," Puzder told business insider in March.

Puzder as chief executive of CKE restaurants did behind restaurants, fast-food chains, the parent of hardee and Carl. The company has 3300 locations in 42 states and 28 countries, according to its web site.

CKE restaurants did restaurant with Microsoft last year launched a pilot project, to bring to 30 hardee restaurant electronic kiosks, allow customers to place an order without talking to employees.Cheap Christian Louboutin Outlet Shoes Automation company plans to requests for comment back is not the time of publication.

However, not all restaurants function can be automatically Puzder Business Insider explained after the block. Later this month in the Los Angeles times interview, said Puzder cashier still need,Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes UK because some customers more comfortable to interact with humans. Other restaurant features, such as preparing fresh cookies and hand - breaded chicken, not easy to automate,Christian Louboutin shoes outlet Puzder march in the Wall Street journal wrote in an editorial.

CKE restaurants did restaurant employs more than 20000 restaurants and company headquarters in 2012, according to the securities and exchange commission filing. Private company terminate the listing of the year after the SEC registration decided not to, but was sold to a private equity firm.

"Consumer preferences, reduce the cost of technology and government policies, increase the labor cost to push the trend of the automation in the restaurant business. If you are more convenient and cheaper things, it will be popular," journal of Puzder wrote.

Puzder is the criticism of government policy, he said higher Labour costs, including raising the minimum wage legislation and President Obama's signature health care law. These policies forced labor intensive enterprises,Cheap Christian Louboutin Sale Shoes such as restaurants, to find a way to reduce spending, he wrote in the Wall Street journal.

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"Greatly increased labor costs has a significant effect on the restaurant industry, profit is very low price and Labour accounts for about a third of the total cost. Therefore, the restaurant is seeking to reduce costs, while maintaining the service and food quality," he said.

But Puzder see automation industry well beyond his own.Christian Louboutin shoes sale Technology has begun to replace the workers at the airport, and a grocery store, he said, this trend is due to free labor policy advocated by trump's former democratic presidential rivals.

"This is Bernie sanders and Hillary Clinton and progressive people will find it hard to raise the minimum wage," Puzder told business insider in March. "It really help Sally make $3 an hour if Suzy didn't work?"

Many technical experts and economists expect robot, self-driving cars and other automation technology will eventually replace the low-skilled workers, although there are big difference between predicting the speed of the shift. However, it can be proved to be a fundamental change of economic replace professional driver, factory worker, workers and other more human role at the scene.

This work is made up of many working-class americans think,Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes For Sale will be better than his surprise at last month's presidential election victory. More than save the cornerstone of manufacturing work transition, threatening retaliation against the company, the work moved to other countries, it is reported that a deal to keep at least some of the soil in the United States.

Darrell west, founded at the Brookings Institution,Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes Outlet director of the center for technology innovation (Brookings Institution), said the move for labor automation is likely to persist, no matter the new government to maintain minimum wage stagnation or eliminate obamacare. Technology will still be cheaper than humans and are easier to manage the staff, he said.

He expects Puzder "to sympathize with automation to replace workers" based on his review of the past.

"Trump on the campaign trail to help the working class people looking for a job and automation is a professional killer,Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes Sale so the government could undermine the political nature of the information" Puzder appointment, west said.